sábado, 6 de mayo de 2017

Middie blythe and house tree available

Disponible para la venta middie blythe and house tree ----> more photos

Included doll with clothes and three house with all accesories

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lunes, 27 de marzo de 2017

Black african girl for adoption

Custom black girl for adoption

She is Olayinka, her name meaning wealth surrounds me in Yoruba language
Olayinka loves playing football and eating lollipops that grandfather makes for her
She wants to be all day on the street playing, while her mother says she has to do the school duties!
Is a good girl, just a little naughty <3


La música es mas importate que el oro y los diamantes

Shaila Dúrcal - Y Llegaste Tú

que letra mas bonita conocer alguien que te hace feliz
siempre es bienvenido!